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Tweetable Logline:

SanFranLand, a comedy web series about a woman determined to reinvent a life she loves, one costume party at a time!

Elevator Pitch:

San Francisco is to adults what DisneyLand is to kids. Through my years of living in SF, we’ve learned that the people here tend to be blessed with Peter Pan syndrome…you know, that “I won’t to grow up” mentality. That’s life in a city where every event is attended in costume, most nights include a sing-a-long, laughter (among other things) is heard through paper thin Victorian walls, sunrises and sunsets can get confusing, dance parties erupt behind a bicycle with a boombox, rules don’t like to get followed and risks are constantly being taken. This is SanFranLand!

Production Team:

Writer/Director: Ryan Lynch (Story Coordinator: “Brave”)
Producers: Debbie Brubaker (“La Mission,” “Blue Jasmine,” “Miss Representation”) and Laura Wainer (“Real Men Go Hunting”)
Editor: Sarah K. Reimers (“Brave,” “Real Men Go Hunting”)
Cinematographers: Jesse Dana (“Falling Up Hill”) and Benjamin Casias (“Medicine for Melancholy”)
Casting Director: Natalie Lyon (“Brave,” “Wall-E,” “Up,” “Ratatouille,” “Toy Story”)

About the Production:

“As a woman and someone who moved to San Francisco to start all over again after life changing events, I wanted to tell this story about that journey and the friendships I made in a city I grew to absolutely adore. The characters in SanFranLand exemplify strong, yet flawed women, navigating through their ever-complicated urban lives. While working and playing around the clock they explore themselves, embrace love, make good and bad decisions and foster deep friendships. SanFranLand is a story about picking up and starting over. It is about reinventing a life you love.” — Ryan Lynch

Current Status:

In production.

For more information and to support this project:

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