Talk With Pixar Animation Studios Ryan Lynch About Her New Web Series “SanFranLand”

By: Denishea Bright

While working as a story manager for Pixar, Ryan Lynch has worked on many of the studios productions, includingRatatouille and the 2012 film Brave. Lynch is also the writer and director of the 2009 short film Real Men Go Hunting, a film that has been screened in film festivals around the globe. These festivals include the Cannes Film Festival and the Hawaii International Film Festival, which won Lynch the Aloha Accolade Award. She has also served as a producer for the 2014 feature film, White Rabbit, a crime thriller about a war veteran battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. White Rabbit was written by Kevin Warner and directed by Bill Kinder.SFL_Still_001

Between her hard work and hanging with her group of girlfriends, Lynch created a web series calledSanFranLand.

The 12 episode comedy series follows Bobbi Winters, a girl who picks up and moves from Georgia to San Francisco, California after experiencing a bad break up with her cheater boyfriend. Bobbi meets up with her two friends, Coco and Tara, shortly after her arrival to the city. The trio not only discovers more and more about the land of San Francisco, but also their destinations in life.

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The series is loosely based on Lynch’s life, “it would be a great story to tell,” she says. Like SanFranLand’smain character Bobbi, Ryan Lynch is from the southern state of Georgia and has gone through a bad breakup in the past as well.

Unlike Bobbi, Ryan has seen more of the world, telling me how she discovered her passion for film while traveling. After she was given a camera from her father, she had no idea that this gift would lead her to a future of filmmaking. With a passion in photography and music, the idea that all of the things that Lynch loved could all be explained and summed up inside of a film came to her. Lynch continues to go for what she wants…

 “Don’t let your dreams die… Be nice to people and you’ll get far.” – Ryan Lynch

San Francisco is most notable for being a multicultural city and it’s diversity, so diverse that it isn’t a shock to see people walking around throughout the day in costumes. It’s a true “Disneyland” for adults. Lynch simply describes San Francisco with one word, “freedom,” stating that in the place that she calls home there is no judgement and that everyone is free to be themselves.

SanFranLand stars Ashley Chaney, Chrissy Mazzeo, Liz Anderson, Anthony Veneziale, Andrew Bancroft, Art Hsu, and Ryan Pratton. Lynch directed the series as well as produced it alongside Laura Wainer, and Chrissy Mazzeo.


Along with the creation process of the second season ofSanFranLand, Lynch is busy with a project for ABC, working on a couple feature films, and running her production company MissMottMedia, LLC.

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